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if you need to know why Gnash is awesome please read my article: Gnash for Flash Freedom…

To make a long story short it’s really hard to develop Gnash. basically the rules in the reverse engineering of Flash make it so that to work on the project you can never have used a version of Adobe flash for your own personal use to begin with. Now there are not a whole lot of computer users or developers for that matter who have never installed some version of adobe flash player so this greatly limits the number of developers that can work on this project. What is more is the project has gone broke at the moment. So in order to develop anything they need to pick up some regular funding. At the moment you can send one time donations to them through this website: Open Media Now . I have sent an email to rob saying that they should turn to a monthly donation model. I think if that happens they would get a lot more people just signing up to give like 5 dollars a month. with that amount it would take only 200 people to raise 1000$ a month. and if they went with a scheme where you could set different amounts they could raise even more. I would consider donating 10 dollars a month if it was an option. So what do you say would you donate regularly if it was an option??

Just adding a video to add some history about where Gnash came from here is a interview with rob savoy who is the lead developer:

About drascus

I am a quirky guy with an array of interests. Here is Short list, Open source and Free Software, Astronomy, Physics, History, Philosophy. I am also a pretty good Amatuer musician.

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  1. I guess it would be considered ironic that I’m using Gnash and the video won’t play.

    • well I think it depends on what version of gnash your using. from what I understand the newer beta version plays youtube videos. but I know development on Gnash has pretty much stopped because they have zero money.

  2. robert mcgregor

    Hello Drascus, I have a funding proposal for you – if you would like to know more, please confirm email address.

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