Living a week with a BlackBerry Classic

So I am posting this from the WordPress app on my new BlackBerry. I know what you are thinking who is running a BlackBerry these days? Especially with the release of the priv. Well so far the experience has been awesome and I hope to do a full write up of it at the end of my week with this device. But just a spoiler I cannot believe this device didn’t do better.

Astronomy Album

you can view all my astro photos at the following album Astronomy Album these images fall under the same license as the rest of my website.

Oh yeah!!

Oh yeah!!

Libreplanet 2015!!

Libreplanet 2015!!

Kicking it Monday Style!

Getting some good work done today! Back to exercising and eating right. Working on a new website for the Diaspora community I help support . Looking forward to a Tarot Class this weekend with Stephanie Grimassi, and looking forward to Libre Planet the following weekend. March is shaping up to be a great month. I am already enjoying the much improved weather.

End of the road for pogoplug for linux

So I got Pogoplug for GNU/linux to a certain point of functionality and I have decided to drop the project. The reason being is that ownCloud is now a more compelling replacement. owncloud is free software and the source code being available means developers will easily be able to extend its functionality. I recommend that if you are looking for a way to do Cloud storage and would like as much control as possible you check it out: ownCloud

I plan in the coming to do some tutorials on how to install/configure ownCloud in Banana Pi as a cheap low power replacement to Pogoplug.

Better Views of Jupiter

I realzed that the reason I couldn’t image Jupiter had to do with the planet being to bright. I captured the following with no filtering.

Jupiter Without Filter

I then added in a polarizing filter and dialed down the brightness until I got the following image… the detail would have been better if I didn’t use digital zoom

Jupiter Best

Orion XT8

12mm Ioptron PL (100X)

Orion Polarizing Filter 1-40%


Tonight was perfect for observing. It wasn’t too cold but it was very clear and without the moon I was seeing stars nearly down to magnitude 4.5 – 5 at the zenith. Interestingly I realized that my star chart had a funny little error where it looks like they labeled Zeta Persei as Atilk instead of Omicron. Consulting two other charts and wikipedia corrected me on it. Weird that such a widely used chart would have that kind of an issue. Perseus is in such a good spot of the sky right now that I am going to stick with it for a while and make a detailed study of it’s stars over the next few nights.

Objects observed:


Beehive cluster

Perseus Double Cluster

Orion Nebula

Crab Nebula

Double Stars split

Omicron Persei AKA Atik 


spectral  type:B1 III

Distance:1,000 Ly

Companion info: B3 Dwarf 

Zeta Persei 


spectral  type: B1

Distance: 750 Ly


Companion info: Mag 9.2

Don’t be a snob be an enjoyer

So today I was contemplating why some people are snobs and exactly what is it that causes people to cross the line from an enjoyer to a snob. I think it’s a kind of an idealism that has gone way too far. People find some interest and they like it. Eventually they get to a point where they experience whatever the best of that particular interest is. At this point this “Best” gets put up on a pedestal against which all other things are measured.At this point only what is approaching the best is acceptable and everything else is considered far inferior.

The problem with this mentality is that you are no longer enjoying this interest you have just become a snob with a very discriminating outlook. You sink tons of money, time and effort in your snobbish ambitions. Meanwhile people who are just casually enjoying things are looked down at as just not getting it.

I would prefer to just save my money/time and bump into the best now and then than chase that best all the time. I call myself an enjoyer. I enjoy things but I won’t get snobbish about them. Do I like coffee sure but I drink instant now and then when I am lazy because I enjoy coffee I am not  a snob about it. Do I like expensive guitars? Heck yes but my 200$ backpack guitar gets the job done too.

So get on with it people and stop being a snob. If you only drink 200$ bottles of wine… go buy a cheap 5$ bottle now and then and just enjoy it instead of being all judgmental.

in groups and out groups

Here is something that I notice about in-groups and out-groups that we might all want to think about a bit deeper. People love to talk trash about other people. It gives them something to bond over. People not only talk trash about people outside of their group of friends they do it within their groups of friends too.

So you now have subgroups of cliques that form within groups that talk badly about each other. Strange thing is the people will basically talk bad about nearly anyone that is not in the room. That means most likely when you are not around they are talking bad about you too.

Maybe we need to be a little easier on each other. Instead of trying to bond over the mutual hate of someone else we should try and find something of more substance. Most people seem to be trying to do the right thing even if they have weird personal quirks or mess it up more often than get it right. So instead of just hating on someone think that they are trying to do it right but it’s just hard for them for whatever reason. May be they just don’t get it, or maybe over time they have just become jaded and just stopped trying. Just saying we could all do with forgiving a bit more, and allow people a bit more room to breath before we attack them.


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