Working on my meditation Altar

wpid-IMAG0056.jpgI have been working on this meditation altar now for about 5 – 6 years. I always think I am going to stain it to finish it but I keep finding things to add. I have been Adding Ash Birch And Willow Symbols to it from the lessons I am working on. Strange that over the years this little altar has basically been the center piece in my practice.

Thoughts on being more positive.

I have a tendency to be pretty negative. Today I was thinking on why being positive is more beneficial and why it is actually not being unrealistic but actually more realistic. Often when I am being negative it is because I am trying to anticipate outcomes and plan accordingly. Unfortunately I don’t always have all the information so I tend to put words into peoples mouth or heads and assume the worst. Sure this might be a safe approach but it basically leads me down a path where I don’t trust anyone. So basically I am overreacting and creating negative circumstances for myself based on what is either not true or partially true but ultimately out of my control.

Reality most of the time in most moments nothing really bad is happening. Things actually tend to be peaceful outside of my head where I am thinking up what bad things could happen. So it is not realistic to focus on bad things happening when nothing bad around me is actually happening. Even if bad things eventually happen I can cross that bridge when I get to it.

Another aspect is control. I only have control over me and a limited number of things which I influence. So it makes no sense to needlessly worry about things I can’t change. What I can change is by doing things which are positive for myself and improve my life.  What I can change what others might do that might make life suck now and then. However If I create enough good causes for myself and have enough positive motivations in my life I can walk through any of those negative things without devastating impact.

I am sure I can’t be positive all the time but definitely more than I am now.

use it or you’ll loose it.

Taking up the book Mathematical Astronomy this weekend. I went through some of the preliminary exercises. After working on it for a while I was astounded at how much I have forgotten. It’s kind of sad that as a former Physics Major I am struggling with simple Geometry and Mathematics. So here I sit at lesson one and instead of moving on to lesson two I am diving into The basics of using radians and calculating angles all over again. Should have stuck as a physics major and this would be cake by now.

Why I have chosen to blog over other social media AKA the death of the internet.

I have recently found that I am not really engaged into the internet anymore. I go to about two websites a day maybe a few more and basically scroll though them and then close them out. Facebook might be the worst of them. People just literally repost other peoples crap all day. Sometimes people post just what they ate for breakfast. Bottom line there is no real discussion happening most of the time.

Reddit I find is a little better. People post interesting stuff and then the comments are pretty colorful and often I have fun debating or just commenting back and forth. But Reddit fails me in the sense that it’s not really social I can’t just post my random thoughts on there and I don’t really know anyone.

This is where I hope wordpress is going to save me. I can post my thoughts long form. Any of my friends/family who actually care what I am talking about can read something more than just Hey I had waffles for breakfast. They can comment back if they want or just read and at least know what I am up to. I can cross post automatically to facebook with no effort. I also like the idea of posting this stuff out to the wide internet. It’s a bit more fun than the walled garden of facebook. I can post a blog post on reddit if I really want the options are so much wider. If the website theming gets boring I can switch it up. I hope some people will join me on wordpress or other blogs. I think it could be a much more rewarding prospect over all than facebooking all day. Maybe I could actually get to read some interestng posts.

No Good Documentaries anymore!!

So I sat down thinking that I would watch a good documentary. I tend to like the historical or science type. I am a bit more slanted to ancient history than more modern history. I tend to watch just about anything on Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egypt etc. So I start browsing my roku. Literally everything is either Ancient Aliens, Conspiracy something or other, or Some crap about food. Dude what the heck is going on? Reality TV isn’t bad enough now we have to have a bunch of trash documentaries on top of it? There are multiple history channels, TLC and discovery and the only thing on them is crap. Some people arguing, or making duck calls or some other bullshit. How about having some real information in your documentaries? I do occasionally want to learn something interesting when I turn the TV on.  So I browsed for a while and eventually just gave up and went on to browsing the internet and reading a book.

Stuff I found online 3-15-14

The worst part about this link is that you know there is nothing the government or anyone is going to do about it. I am sure even if there is a way to prove it 100%. The Elites would just be like “yeah I am just going to hold on to this honey pot and see what happens”

It’s good to know being in school still sucks as bad as I remember.

The Mysteries of a misaligned Netwonian

pondering the mystery

pondering the mystery


So it Began about a year ago. The idea of damn that objective mirror really needs a good cleaning, might as well clean the secondary while we are at it. I carefully deconstructed my baby and gently cleaned the optics with my optics kit. Gingerly making sure that nothing would get scratched. Only deionized water and the softest cotton for my precious mirrors.

Reassembly went smooth I felt a rush, a sense of accomplishment as I screwed everything back together. Then click I turned on my laser collimator ready to line her up. “hmm I thought something isn’t right?” “ahh its just the secondary isn’t centered. I quickly pulled out the laser and with my collimating cap made sure I was dead center as I could by eye. back on target I put the laser in and then began dialing in to the sweet spot. Once there I made a quick glance down the tube and to my surprise….. no where near the center of the mirror.

So here I am a year later with no clue how to resolve this… my baby slowly collecting dust. Will I ever fix it? Who knows.


3-13-14 Shit I found on the internet that you should like

here is the stuff on reddit today I found good for a laugh..

lol awww dead bunny

damn you forced perspective!!!

Shut up and love me

Does liking yahoo make me old now?

Alright so it’s kinda sad…. With all the time I spend on reddit and other social media my major goto is still yahoo. I check this thing every day. And sad as it is I love their tech blog. I guess when you have a full time job and a family you really want a synopsis of the tech news and don’t always want to dive in to deep. A few years ago I couldn’t wait to read every dumb detail of CES and learn about the in depth info for all the new tech… now I just want to see the weird quirky gadgets destined to failure and chuckle a bit. Anyone else still find they are stuck in some sort of tech from the 90′s / early 2000′s… I hope someone says they are still on AOL because that would just be plain ass sad… And I hope someone is still checking that awful ass MSN home page.

Times they are achangin

Yeah I haven’t posted in a while… frankly I am getting sick of this blog. I have focused on nothing but open source and free software for a while. Time to open it up. Frankly Facebook sucks pretty bad and does nothing for me as far as getting out my ideas is concerned. Time to just turn this blog loose to my free flow of crazy ideas.


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