Damn you Chromebook

You know as an IT person I really want to hate the chromebook. But I love it for the same reasons I want to hate it. I think… *

normal me* I don’t have any ability to change or customize this thing…

*chromebook me* do I really want to? boy I really like that this thing just works!

*normal me* There is no way to administer this thing it barely has any settings at all :(

*chromebooke me* Who the hell wants settings! I just want something that works and that I don’t have to think about. 

I guess I get enough IT fun at work then when I get home I just couldn’t be bothered. God it’s so true. It’s sad to say but Google has made a truly compelling platform that is just easy and begs to be used. Even when I consider using my desktop I think…do I really want to deal with that right now? nah…

Finished Some Documentation: Just Fin…

Finished Some Documentation:

Just Finished Writing up the new documentation for Pogoplug for Linux. There is just a few loose ends to tie up before the next Alpha release.

Status Update on progress of Pogoplug for linux

Well last night I made some progress. The new pogoplug is working great. Mounting the drive worked no problem out of the box with the series 4. Also I got the backup script that I wrote working so I will be adding that into the python module asap. Also because it’s scripted it’s going to be possible to run it from the python software or run it from cron as it’s own job. So it started out seeming like a script was going to be a weakness but I am starting to think it’s actually a strength. now if I can only add the ability in python to setup the backup schedule…. one issue in my opinion the backup script is using the expect command….. yeah that’s a little lame I know. I should have a new alpha version out in a few weeks… I need to fix spelling errors lol.

Pogoplug series 4

This is what I love about this company I wrote to support and said that I’m having an issue with my pogoplug then the next day I got an email from support that they’ll send me a brand new version 4 device. They even went ahead and sprung on 2 day shipping. I’ll be posting updates and with how my sync software that I’m writing works with it for Linux.


Searching for anything linux or priva…

Searching for anything linux or privacy related? Well your an extremist!

If liking freedom and privacy make you an extremist then all citizens are extremists… Just further evidence that the targets are both foreign and domestic and who is a target? Ever single person.


hey all Shrekislove.us has been onlin…

hey all Shrekislove.us has been online now for about a week. We have grown 17 users in that time. 205 posts and 79 comments. Glad to see everyone is being social! Also notice a lot of new people chiming in on conversations… Keep it up people!

This is a test post from Diaspora

This is a test post from Diaspora

Join our community on Diaspora!

So my friends and I at work have started a Diaspora pod. What is Diaspora and what is a pod? Diaspora is a social media network that allows for superior privacy controls and a more community like feel. Basically anyone can setup their own Diaspora website on their own server. People can then sign up to join that website. From there they can start sharing with other people on that pod and also across to other pods all over the world.

This is a major advantage over facebook because if you trust the people running the server then you are more comfortable sharing. Your data is not mined. It is not sold to the government or advertisers. If your friends are still on facebook you can connect your facebook account and cross post. If you want to delete your account it is really deleted and you can download all of your pictures.

You don’t need to use your real name or share your birthday or other private information. You have real control over what is shared, what isnt, and who can see what. We are still working to integrate Twitter and wordpress but facebook should be up and running. Join our pod at Shrek is love diaspora pod hope to see you on there. I will be posting a Diaspora tutorial later this week.

Support S.1599…

Support S.1599


Amazon Prime Music one more layer to the lending culture.

With the internet we started with a sharing culture. One that was built on community, cooperation, and sharing. Since the monetization of the internet the powers that be tried initially to institute a product based culture to break up the internet communities. They tried to sell us on the idea of walled gardens where you could purchase from institutions we were more or less familiar with. However they made one huge mistake; DRM. DRM locked down anything you bought to the point where it wasn’t like traditional purchases. Where a Digital purchase allowed less freedom than a physical purchase. So the communities went on. The companies eventually learned their lesson and removed the DRM and some of the sales improved but they needed to come up with a new strategy.

So what is the problem with selling things? Well once people own it they are all set and why would they come back? So now they have come up with the new strategy. Have people pay a fee and give them all they want as long as they are members. The best part is that it locks people into the service perpetually because if all of your content is tied into that service you can never let that service go away without loosing all of your music.

This is not a new concept Real Player already tried to do it with Rhapsody and other services have tried it as well. However they didn’t have anything like the backing Amazon has. They are trying to wrap DRM up in convenience and make it look like it’s a great deal. But one thing is for sure it’s a bad deal for the internet, its a bad deal for computer users, and it’s a bad deal for freedom.

The internet is already congested enough with streaming services without adding another. I am not saying that streaming all together is bad but think of how slow the internet already is at time and now we will have a huge service like Amazon streaming even more data to people. Why wouldn’t I just want my own music on my own device that I had complete control over?

It’s a bad deal for computer users because the industry is trying to find more and more ways of wrestling control of your data away from you and this is just another step. Google Drive wants to store all of your files for you, Google Docs and Microsoft Word want to do all of your word processing in the “cloud”. Now they want all of “your” music stored on the internet outside of your control. All of this data is searchable, and indexable. Google just released a statement a few months ago reminding people to not expect to have any privacy for what they upload to google, store in drive, or compose in docs and email. They search it and use the information to advertise to you and who knows what else.

It’s also bad for computing freedom because the DRM has now found a new way to attract interest and has found a new home in the Amazon streaming service. The Software used to stream the music to your phone or computer is non-free proprietary software. What kind of bugs does it have? who knows it’s a secret. What kind of data is that service collecting about you and your computer? Who know’s its a secret.


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